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34% in Road Safety Budget should not deflate our overall goal for 2014.

Road Safety Working Group

Local Authority's are required by the Department of Transport to form a Road Safety Together Working Committee whose mission is to reduce the level of road deaths and serious injuries on the roads through Education, Engineering, Enforcement and Ealuation. 

County Kildare's Road Safety Working Group was first established in 2007 and this group involved members of the Local Authority, An Garda Síochána, Kildare Emergency Services, the National Roads Authority and the Kildare Road Users Association. In 2009, the road safety officer restructured the working group which expanded it's current Steering group and created a number of Sub Committees.

The 2010 Kildare Road Safety Working Group structure operates under teh following structure, through Education, Engineering, Enforcement and Evaluation. The road safety offier has also added Road safety promotion & Awareness to the structure.  

Steering Group

  • Kildare County Council
  • An Garda Síochána
  • Road Safety Authority
  • National Roads Authority
  • Health Service Executive
  • Kildare Fire Service
  • Eastern Regional Ambulance Service
  • KIldare Civil Defence

Sub Committee

  • Kildare Road Users Association
  • Kildare Joint Policing Commitee
  • Strategic Policy Committee
  • Voluntary & Youth Groups